This web site is about the art and life of Robert Lindneux an American Western Artist 1871-1970. Whether you enjoy history, fine art, or Native and Western American culture, this web site will be of interest to you.

On the following pages you will find listed the museums that contain many of Lindneux’s most significant works of art. It is well worth the time to visit these museums in person. Whether by Lindneux or another artist, pixilated images on a computer screen don’t do justice to the fine art that you will discover there.



Who was Robert Lindneux and why is his life story important?


First and foremost Robert Lindneux was an American Western Artist and the importance of his life story is found on the canvases he created. He was often referred to as the, “Historian of the West” and this is demonstrated within the broad spectrum of subjects he portrayed. His interpretation of these important events and individuals are a unique portrayal of our shared history.

Lindneux’s extensive archive includes his art, memoir, correspondence, scrapbooks, photos and memorabilia. This archive captures the many significant transformations in history and culture that occurred during Lindneux’s long life as well as images of the old American West that Lindneux loved and hoped to preserve. The importance and value of researching, analyzing, preserving and publishing this archive extends too many fields including education, history, art, culture, and political, ethnic and social studies.